Pride Pantry: Hofstra University Makes Moves To Combat Food Insecurity on Campus

By Cortney Moore

Food is a basic necessity that living beings require in order to survive. In a wealthy country such as the United States, some would not expect food security to be an issue. College campuses are now facing this crisis head on by establishing food pantries for students in need. Hofstra University is just one institution out of many that has designed a program to address food shortages with it’s newly instated Pride Pantry. However, unlike other campuses that address food shortages among students, Pride Pantry is open to all of the Hofstra community, including faculty, staff and other employees that possess a HU ID.

Pride Pantry opened on November 2. Since its grand opening, the pantry has been successful according to Beth McGuire, Director of Residence Life, “Our shelves are overstocked,we have more food than we know what to do with, which is a good problem to have.” She went on to add,  “If we do find ourselves where our shelves are low, we are working with groups like Greek Life, athletics, and we’ll be doing sponsored [healthy] food drives.” So far the pantry has served over 20 participants; organizers that help run the pantry anticipate this number to grow as the semester winds down.


Students at Hofstra agree that the pantry is a helpful initiative the university has undertaken, however they made a point to say the price of food on campus is expensive. “This year I didn’t get a meal plan so usually I bring my food to campus or I walk off campus to go get food,” said senior Camille Knight. “It’s just that the prices are really high, especially for the amount that you get. I don’t think it’s worth it,” she explained. Junior Emily Bravo said, “I personally am a commuter so I try to bring as much food as I can because it’s so expensive to eat food here, and to eat healthy- it’s a major concern too.”

A Breakdown of Food Insecurity Rates By State


As Years Go On, The Number of On-Campus Food Pantries Increase


While Food Insecurity Increases, So Does College Tuition


Could tuition rates be the main contributing factor for food insecurity on college campuses?

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