Presidential Election: People React To Pre & Post Electoral Results

By Cortney Moore

Voters in America were anxious to see the results of the electorate in regards to the 2016 Presidential Election. At Hofstra University, students shared their thoughts on what would happen- which leaned towards Hillary Clinton winning the election.

Kasey Smith expressed her sentiments before the results were in, and why she prefers Clinton as the winning candidate. “The country won’t fall apart if she’s president,” Smith said.

In a surprising twist, former Secretary Clinton did not win the election. Outsider and business mogul Donald Trump actually won the presidential election in a landslide with over 270 electoral votes.


Adrie Bailey, another Clinton supporter believes that the nation needs to come together after it was announced that Trump won the presidency. “You know, this is what happens in a democracy. You lose some, and you move on,” Bailey said.

Despite winning the overall popular vote, Clinton is scheduled to deliver her concession speech at 10 a.m. Surely this is a joyous moment for Trump supporters. Only time will tell what a Trump presidency will bring America.


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