App Users Surprised By The The Death Of Vine

In surprising mobile app news, Twitter announced that it will be shutting down Vine after a recent 9 percent staff cut (from 3,910 to 3,558). The six second looping-video app emerged in 2013 and was very popular after its release, but growth stagnated in the last few years. According to NPR, Twitter had reported that Vine boasted more than 200 monthly users in the company blog.

Despite being one of the top ten most used apps, Twitter experienced a $103 million loss, which contributed to the company’s decision to scrap the app. Newer video driven apps such as Snapchat, Periscope and even Facebook’s new live function may have resulted in the demise of Vine. Although these other apps are doing well at the moment, Vine’s shut down should serve as a red flag that mobile platforms don’t always last; and that users and employees can be adversely affected by lack of revenue.

However, there is still time for Vine users to access and download videos.


Vine Logo

Social Media Stars React To The End of Vine

A Glance At Vine Statistics

According to Statista, nearly half of the most followed Vine users weren’t active in 2016. This may have been the first warning sign of the app’s downfall.


For an interactive view of the graphic, click here!

According to, Vine had an average of 200 million monthly mobile users, while Facebook had 1.57 billion, Snapchat with 150 million and Periscope (also owned by Twitter) with 10 million.


For an interactive view of the graphic, click here!

Data from Statista & Expandable Ramblings

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